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"Going to the office of Dr. D'Amour is the best choice I've ever made. He is so gentle that when he administered the anesthetic, I didn't even know he did it! The staff is very friendly and I felt comfortable through out the entire visit. I would recommend this office to everybody!" -Mary Paupore

D'Amour Dental has over 25 years of dental experience!


"The best choice I've ever made!"

"Dr. D'Amour really treated me with respect and he didn't talk down to me like a lot of other Doctors do. He spent a lot of time to make sure I understood what was going on in my mouth and what needed to be done. I trust Dr. D'Amour with my family and friends. Extremely gentle!" -Steve Gazza

"Extremely gentle!"

"I visited Dr. D'Amour's office to get a second opinion on a root canal. I was told from a previous dentist it would take 3 appointments. Dr. D'Amour did it in 1 appointment, it didn't hurt, feels great and saved me hundreds. Now, my entire family goes to Dr. D'Amour." - Nancy D

"Feels great and saved me hundreds!"

"The hygienist at D'Amour's practice is so kind and informative. Not only me but my kids love her also. We look forward to our 6 months appointments. And, my teeth have never felt better!" -Tony Quadrini

"So kind and informative."

"I haven't been to the dentist in years, so when I decided to schedule a check up, I chose Dr. D'Amour's name from the yellowbook. I am happy to say I chose the right dentist. He and his staff are so friendly and gentle. They made me feel relaxed and comfortable at every visit." - John D

"I chose the right dentist!"

"I am very happy to say I went to his office for a second opinion. Not only did it save me money but Dr. D'Amour is so gentle. It was a painless and pleasant visit." -Rosemary Manner

"It was a painless and pleasant visit!"